It is get REAL time.  We can sit around waiting for the world to have us shine or we can just SHINE and get the world to notice. We are daughters, wives, partners, sisters, mothers.  We are also entrepreneurs, employees, bosses.  AND we are Painters, Musicians, Photographers, Sculptors, Designers, Dancers and every kind of Artist.

We Artistic Women is here to celebrate YOU!  We are also here to help you get your Art out in the World and give you resources to expand your Art and the Business of your Art with. We are here to connect you, support you, champion you and help you forward your Art career and your Life as an Artist no matter what stage of your career you are in.

We are about Rising up!  Having a VoiceExpressing, Growing and Evolving!

YOUR Art deserves to be seen out in the world!

YOU deserve to be seen out in the world!

What We Are

All Artistic Women … All Inclusive

What We Are Creating

A Global Platform … a Movement … for Artistic Women … to allow them to fulfill their creative Dreams, Visions and/or Purposes on the planet. We will provide access to whatever is needed including but not limited to: Resources, Training, Knowledge, Support, Physical/Material Things, Opportunities, and Connections. We Artistic Women are creating a World TOGETHER where We get a say in how it goes with Our Art, in Our Lives and on Our Planet.

Who We Are

The brainchild of Artist, Crazy Visionary, Entrepreneur and Un-Stoppable Rebel Kym Dolcimascolo, who is being joined by other Artistic Women daily! Come be part of We Artistic Women NOW!

We Represent ALL Artistic Women

It doesn’t matter what medium is yours.  One medium, multiple mediums … We are here for ALL Artistic Women.  We all have something in common … the desire to express ourselves!   What is “good” Art? What is “real” Art?  If it comes from YOU and is made by YOU then it is Art to us.  No judgement, no preferences. Regardless of your age, your ethnicity, your race, your sexuality, your background, your culture, your perspectives . . . This is about YOU if YOU are a Woman who is Artistic.   We are serious, silly, sacred, irreverent, professional, radical . . . you name it . . . YOU will fit in!  Women Artists Creating Other Women Artists!

Growing Our Members in Every Kind of Art

Visual Arts